Principal activity of Pelicon d.o.o.

Company Pelicon d.o.o. was founded 9th June 1998 under the Companies Act and the Regulation establishing the Standard Classification of Activities. The enrollment of establishing an entity in the Register of the District Court of Nova Gorica was 22nd June 1998.

 Its principal activity is the purchase and sale of live bovine animals and beef & veal meat in wholesale.

 In the early years, the main company’s occupation was selling meat at the butcher’s shop in the center of Nova Gorica. Business was going marvelously as a result of customers receiving excellent service, competitive prices and top quality meat.

 A change of business strategy followed in year 2000.  Since then, we are mainly wholesaling company trading with livestock for slaughter and fattening.  Most of deliveries is done in neighbor countries, like Italy and Austria, where our company developed many strong business contacts through the years. Beside working with companies from European Union, the company Pelicon d.o.o. also sells livestock through the Port of Koper to Middle East.

 Furthermore, our company imports quality and healthy livestock for fattening at good market prices. Young heifers and bulls for fattening are imported from all over EU (Poland, Baltic countries, Ireland, Hungary, Chezch republic, Slovakia, Bulgary, Belgium, Italy and France). We also operate with other EU member states, in addition to export to third countries (Turkey, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Lebanon,… ).

 Moreover, Pelicon d.o.o. deals with import and export of fresh and frozen, beef and veal meat. Most of the business is done in Slovenia, Italy and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 The company started to slaughter cows and bulls in Slovenian slaughterhouses in 2011. With that move we returned trust of Slovenian farmers to home services.

 Pelicon d.o.o. also expanded business with fattening our own livestock. Therefore, we have in average from 200 to 500 bulls and heifers of Charolais, Limousin and meat breeds crossings.


Our company follows the world trends in livestock sector and guarantees to our clients 

 the highest level of services, good relations and best prices.